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Ecotourism Jobs in Ecuador - Volunteer work at Piedra Blanca


Volunteer jobs at the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project in rural Ecuador: the project seeks volunteers to help develop the community ecotourism program and conservation projects. Work on the project began in 2004 - it now seeks resourceful, Spanish speaking volunteers to help with its development. A volunteer with a sound knowledge of what ecotourism is and how a community ecotourism project should function is the top priority for the project, though potential exists for anyone enthusiastic in the following fields to apply:

  • Environmental projects
  • Biodiversity and ecology in Ecuador
  • Conservation projects
  • Agroforestry and sustainable forestry jobs
  • Teaching English to local guides and school children in Ecuador [more info]
  • Ecotourism project development advisor
  • Sustainable development projects
  • Community development projects
  • Fundraising and grant applications
  • Tourism marketing
  • Project Management
  • Carpentry / Building work
  • Chemical Engineers - for work with CADO, (see CRACYP's website for more info about volunteer work with CADO).

Past Piedra Blanca volunteers have typically been pro-active people who have recently graduated from university having specialized in the fields of tourism, ecotourism or sustainable development and who seek hands-on, rewarding work experience in the field of ecotourism, project management or sustainable development.

Read about previous volunteer experiences:

Establishing the Project - Chris Hardyment volunteered for 7 months in 2004. He helped establish the framework for the project, oversaw the design and construction of the cabana and continues to market the region and recruit future volunteers.

Working for Sustainability - Jonathan Williams volunteered in 2004/5 working on the construction of ecological bathrooms and solar heating and offers a great account of what life is like living in San Luis de Pambil.

Marketing, Fundraising & Tourism Fairs - James Overall worked as a volunteer with Piedra Blanca in 2006. He greatly enjoyed his work which was based around marketing and fundraising for the project.

Life in San Luis de Pambil - Adam Edwards worked as a volunteer with CRACYP for 6 months in 2004. He was involved with a variety of projects, including: community banks; organically produced alcohol production; and the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project. Here he writes about life working with CRACYP and living in San Luis de Pambil.

Teaching English - Kelsey taught English at the school in Piedra Blanca in 2007. She lived in Piedra Blanca itself (most volunteers stay in neighbouring San Luis de Pambil) and recounts how life was living in this remote community.

Finishing the Ecolodge - David Amelin volunteered for 2 months in 2009. He helped the community finalize the cabana, and advised them on the management of it. He also made various promotional videos of the region.

About CRACYP, who organize Volunteer Placements in Piedra Blanca

CRACYP organizes volunteer placements for Piedra Blanca. CRACYP is an Ecuadorean Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) who has worked for many years with organisations such as the US Peace Corps, Global Routes, Breakthroughs Abroad and Challenges Worldwide to promote sustainable development in this region of Ecuador. Group placements are often arranged through such secondary sources, but we advise individual volunteers to apply to us directly.

More about Volunteer Work with Piedra Blanca

Volunteering at Piedra Blanca has the real potential to make a big difference to a remote rural community in Ecuador that needs your skills, knowledge, advice, initiative and enthusiasm. Volunteers will pay $12 per day to cover costs for food and accommodation with a local family that has been accommodating volunteers for many years [payment upon arrival rather than in advance]. Your volunteer work need not be confined to solely working with the ecotourism project. There are a range of ongoing local conservation and sustainable development projects throughout Ecuador organized by CRACYP that also need volunteers [more info on CRACYP].

Please note that the minimum length of a placement is 2 months, though we really do prefer for volunteers to stay for at least 3 months. For those interested in volunteering as an English teacher, it may be possible to stay for a shorter time period.

You can make a real difference while volunteering in Ecuador (South America) - Piedra Blanca has a unique development project and a unique, highly rewarding opportunity for enthusiastic volunteers.

Volunteering photos

Email volunteer@piedrablanca.org if you have any further questions or would like to work with Piedra Blanca as a volunteer. Please state your skills, objectives and expectations - please don't just email requesting "more information" (there is plenty on this website) - be specific, and we will respond with the relevant information.

For further information about the type of work with which volunteers are involved, see our 2009 briefing notes for volunteers.

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