Nature trips and amozon rainforest tours in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca:

Ecuador Rainforest Tours

Trekking, rafting and nature trips at Piedra Blanca

Amizon rainforest tours in Ecuador

Off the beaten track adventure tours in rural Ecuador:

We offer :

  • Primary rainforest trekking trips and rainforest tours
  • Birdwatching tours
  • Night trips and nature tours
  • Rafting trips in replica ancient rafts
  • Horseback riding tours in the beautiful countryside of Bolivar Province, Ecuador
  • Hiking trips in and around the valley of Piedra Blanca
  • Aguardiente ("firewater") plant tours
  • Lodging in ecolodge or camping trips high in the rainforest
  • Fully qualified local guides
  • Your visit helps our rainforest conservation projects - you make the difference
  • Adventure trips - off the beaten track ecotourism
  • Cheap tours and reasonable prices - budget travel in Ecuador.

Get off the beaten track - see the real Ecuador at the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project in Bolivar Province - one day rainforest tours in rural Ecuador.


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