Travelosity Tips

Surfing the web I came across a page that offers great advice on getting travelosity discounts: . It offers various tips and tricks for booking Travelosity flights, hotels or car hire for less than usual - I saved over $150 so thought I'd share it with others! See

Travelosity general info:

Travelosity is owned by sabre holidings and took off during the .com boom. Apparently, Travelosity is the 6th largest online travel agency. As one of the first online travel websites it is a market leader in booking vacation packages, car rentals, cheap flights and making hotel reservations, and was a sponsor of the TV series Amazing Race. The current mascot is the roaming gnome - and Travelosity's current slogan is "you'll never roam alone."

See if you want to some tips.

By booking your holiday with Travelosity, you can save a lot of money. You can book cheap flights, car rentals, cruises or make hotel reservations, checking availability online. It's is one of the top online travel websites and occasionally releases promo codes, discount coupons and promotional codes for travel. It is easy to pay online with Travalocity using your credit card.

You won't find Piedra Blanca on Travelosity - we're too often the beaten track. But if you like adventure ecotourism or community ecotourism and you're coming to Ecuador please visit! See http www. piedrablanca .org