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This site map should help you to navigate through our website:

Index - homepage of the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project.
When to visit - what seasons are best to visit Piedra Blanca?
Eco-tours - various ecotours available at Piedra Blanca.
Rafting - eco adventure rafting at the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project.
Rafting Videos - videos of a recent rafting expedition.
Trekking - Trekking at Piedra Blanca - trekking off the beaten track.
Adventure - Piedra Blanca is an adventure....
Aguardiente tour - firewater tours in and around Piedra Blanca.
Ecuador birdwatching tours - 300 species we estimate.
Shamanic tours - Shaman healing services.
Organic farm tours - visit some local organic farms
Ecuador horseback riding tours - off the beaten track horseback riding ecotourism.
Ecuador Ecolodge - our community-run ecolodge, built in 2004.
Rainforest tours itineraries - suggested itineraries for the valley of Piedra Blanca.
Cultural tours itineraries - suggested itineraries for Piedra Blanca's surroundings
Rafting tours itineraries - further rafting info
Ecuador Photos - more photos from Piedra Blanca.
Travel prices - prices at Piedra Blanca - very reasonable.
Ecotourism guidelines - responsible travel guidelines/ ecotourism guidelines for responsible travellers.
Ecuador Travel here - getting here
Ecuador ecotourism project - the conservation project and reforestation initiatives
Quito Tour Operator CRACYP - CRACYP offices in Quito
Salinas to Piedra Blanca - Info on this interesting trekking route
Ecotourism definition - what is ecotourism?
Family Homestays - at Piedra Blanca
Volunteer - volunteers jobs at Piedra Blanca and nearby
Teach English - at the local school
History - of Piedra Blanca
San Luis de Pambil - Algo Loco
Environmental Assessment - of Piedra Blanca, as undertaken by one of our CWW volunteers

The following pages repeat the information contained above - the are designed to attract internet traffic rather than being useful once you're already here:

Christmas - for a different Christmas, spend it at the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism project.
Cloudforest tours - at Piedra Blanca
Student Tours - at Piedra Blanca
Backpacking - to Piedra Blanca
Contact us - email the community ecotourism project.
Climate - off Ecuador
Map - of Ecuador
History of Ecuador
Adventure travel - adventure ecotourism possibilities - get off the beaten track!
Ecuador Travel Guide - provided by piedrablanca.org
Quito - brief info on the capital
Flag of Equador
Equador Flights - information
Equador Hotels
Ecuador travel tips - tips - visit Piedra Blanca!
Places to Visit - promotion page
Ecuador pictures - various travel photos from throughout Ecuador
People of Ecuador pictures
Rainforest Tours - nature tours off the beaten track
Extra Page - another page awaiting further input
Links Directory - directory of links
Ecuador travel and tours links - links re. Ecuador
Eco-tourism links - eco-links - ecotourism links
Turismo Aventura - Spanish language page - adventure travel
Ecuador Viajes Links - Spanish travel links
Llegar - spanish getting here
Ecoturismo pautas - spanish eco-guidelines - eco-pautas
Cuando Visitar - when is best to visit?
Precios - spanish prices
Proyecto - spanish, the project
Ecuador Viajes Spanish - spanish homepage of Piedra Blanca
History - in Spanish
Forest Characteristics - in Spanish
Babahoyo - Ventanas - Quevedo - promotion page
Ecuador Reisen - German language page
Equateur Voyage - French language webpage
Ecotourism in Belize - An evaluation.
Ecotourism in Mauritius - a short opinion.
Travelosity - book and save
Expidia - book and save also...
Jamaca - holiday ideas
Volenteer - volunteer work
Galapagos Islands - Story.