Shamanic tours in Ecuador and shaman healing services at Piedra Blanca:

Shamanic Tours in Ecuador

Shamanic tours in Ecuador - La Piedra Negra

Above is "La Piedra Negra", or the Black Rock, a towering black cliff face said to have healing properties. A local shaman, from nearby Quinsaloma, heals people beneath this rock. Shamanic tours are offered to tourists also, if you so desire.

Below you can see Adam, a recent volunteer, being healed by another local Shaman from San Luis de Pambil. According to the Shaman, Adam was taken ill when a pregnant woman stared at him and "stole his eyes" for her unborn baby. Here, Adam is cleansed with an egg and some aguardiente, and soon recovered:

Shamanic tours and healing services in off the beaten track Bolivar Province, Ecuador

Shamanic Tours in Rural Ecuador at Piedra Blanca