Adventure hiking in Ecuador - from Salinas de Guaranda to Piedra Blanca in Bolivar Province:

Piedra Blanca to Salinas Route

See the interactive map of where Piedra Blanca is in relation to surroundings in Bolivar Province. In this map, Piedra Blanca is not marked (as it's so small) but is located just south of San Luis de Pambil in the north western corner of the map. This interesting trekking route takes you due south-east through the small rural villages of Guagraurcu, Monoloma, Lanza Urcu and Pambabuela to Salinas de Guaranda. Click here for the external link to the interactive map.

Adventure Travel Eco-tours at Piedra Blanca in Bolivar Province. Trek from Salinas de Guaranda to Piedra Blanca.