Quito Equador

Quito, an old colonial city has a wonderful spring-like climate and is the capital of Equador. The Centro Historico part of Quito was named a World Heritage site by the UN in 1978. With wonderful old colonial buildings and splendid cathedrals, this part of Quito is well worth a visit. The Mariscal Sucre area also attracts tourists. This part of Quito is more modern, and has been dubbed "Gringolandia" as it caters so much towards the Western tourists that visit Equador. Here you find most of the hotels, restaurants, cafes and nightlife in Equador. The bars can be rowdy, and the nightlife usually involves dancing on top of tables. The restaurants offer a range of cuisines. The area is full of internet cafes and Quito travel agencies offering tours throughout Equador and the Galapagos Islands. Hotels range from budget guest houses to five star luxury hotels.

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Quito, Equador

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