Ecotourism in Mauritius

Mauritius has a long established hotel and tourism industry, but one that has traditionally ignored the concept of responsible travel. Ecotourism in Mauritius is hard to find, yet here you find numerous holiday tour operators and hotels jumping on the "ecotourism bandwagon". A quick internet search for "ecotourism in Mauritius" brings you a selection of irrelevant travel and hotel resort websites that claim to be ecotourism in essence, but clearly are not. These hotels and resorts in Mauritius clearly believe that ecotourism is a label to be used for tourism that involves nature. For a proper definition of ecotourism, click here.

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority is a prime example. According to them, tour operators and hotels that have included a "nature element" in their "packages" are good enough to be considered ecotourism.

Little attention is given to the resorts and hotels that have wreaked environmental havoc on the island. Consider this when booking your holiday to Mauritius. The hotels claiming to promote ecotourism on the island - where is the evidence?

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