Rafting itineraries at Piedra Blanca, Ecuador:

Rafting Tours

Standard Three Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Afternoon - help construct the raft. Camp for the night.
Day 2: A relaxing day travelling on the raft. Camp for the night.
Day 3: Continue on the raft, arriving approximately mid day.

Cost: $120 per person (minimum 6 people) for this standard rafting tour, all inclusive.

Note: whilst we call it the ‘standard’ rafting tour, it’s different every time! It all depends on the weather and the river, so you need to be prepared to ‘go with the flow’ and adapt to circumstances. We often travel on the Rio Zapotal, in the province of Los Rios, but where we start, where we finish and how far we go depends on how fast the current is running. We might also raft on rivers in the nearby provinces of Cotopaxi and Bolivar.

One Day Rafting Experience:

Lots of fun, a busy, muddy morning with a more relaxing afternoon. After an early start, you help to construct your raft, starting your journey mid-late morning, arriving mid afternoon and help pack up the equipment. Includes a picnic lunch aboard the raft. Cost: $65 per person.

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One Day Tranquil Journey:

All the construction work is done for you - just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. After an early start, you have a full day aboard the raft, ending the tour in the late afternoon, when you are returned to the ecolodge by private transfer. Cost: $85 per person.

Eating aboard the raft

Five day expedition to the coast:

Strictly for the fit and adventurous, we’ll be expecting active participation and you’ll almost be part of the crew by the end of the journey. Costs will depend on which river is travelled and how many people take the tour – talk to us, but expect to pay around $200 - $250 per person for a group of 8 or more, for the most memorable of experiences.

Other info:

All the rafting itineraries are suggestions only - you can tailor-make your own tour as you wish. Tours are all inclusive: Transfers; Use of rafting and camping equipment; Services of captain, crew and guide; Food and drinking water, and aguardiente – the local ‘firewater’, distilled from sugarcane, are provided. Rafting trips are not normally possible between October and December as there is not enough water in the rivers. We normally need a minimum of 8 people for a raft trip, but there are often other people wanting to join a group – just ask us. Alternatively, if your group has fewer than 8 people, you can pay the difference.

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Eco-adventure rafting tours in Ecuador - at Piedra Blanca