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Valley of Piedra Blanca & Rainforest Tours:

Some parts of the rainforest are easier to visit than others. The higher parts of the forest provide a challenge, particularly in summer (January to June) as it is muddy (“mucho lodo”) and parts are very steep. It´s an adventure tour – you might be hauling yourself up and down small rocks using ropes at times (see photo - click to enlarge), but it's great fun. There are numerous waterfalls and towering cliff faces to see. Depending on the season, it might be possible to take a longer tour to the higher part of the rainforest where you could camp overnight. The lower parts of the rainforest (near the cabaña) are flatter and provide an easier visit and you have a good chance of encountering wildlife such as monkeys and toucans there, particularly in the morning .

Absailing down a crevasse - this is adventure travel in Ecuador, Piedra Blanca style - click to enlarge. Tours are tailormade to suit you - you don't have to go absailing, wading through rivers etc. but if you seek a challenge, an adventure - this is it.
Photo: absailing down a crevasse - click to enlarge - tours are tailormade to suit your adventure preferences.

Recommendation 1 – hire a guide for the day to visit the higher parts of the rainforest in the morning, where you can see various waterfalls and the white cliffs after which Piedra Blanca takes it´s name. Return to the cabana for lunch, relax in a hammock for an hour and in the afternoon your guide can take you to the lower parts of the forest where you are more likely to encounter wildlife.

Recommendation 2 – if the season is right, take a longer full days tour higher into the rainforest. Bear in mind that it´s steep in parts and a tough though memorable excursion. If you're reasonably fit you'll be fine. You could camp overnight high in the rainforest if you wish.

Camping in the rainforest

Recommendation 3 – take a night tour to the rainforest to have greater chance to see wildlife.

You can visit the various natural bathing pools and a waterfall near the cabana without a guide if you wish. To visit the rainforest you must go with a local guide.

Natural bathing pool with small waterfall five minutes from the eco-lodge - click to enlarge

A shaman from nearby Quinsaloma offers healing services in the forest of Piedra Blanca. The Piedra Negra (black rock cliff face) is said to have healing properties. If you have an illness or just want your body cleansed, ask.

One day or overnight rainforest adventure tours in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca