Horseback riding tours in Ecuador at the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project:

Horseback Riding Tours

Ecuador tours on horseback at Piedra Blanca

Horseback riding tours can be arranged to a variety of attraction in and around Piedra Blanca. This is rural Ecuador where you can visit ancient pre-Incan stone inscriptions, unexcavated ancient tombs, local markets, towering waterfalls and other nearby villages. Some of these attractions in the surroundings of Piedra Blanca can also be visited by foot, alternatively you could cheaply charter a vehicle for the day if you prefer not to go by horse.

Ecuador horseback riding tours

Horseback riding tours in Ecuador, off the beaten track - see the real Ecuador:

Horseback riding in Ecuador - Off the beaten track

Ecuador Horseback Riding at Piedra Blanca