History of Equador

Stone age tools found in Ecuador have been dated to 9000 BC and signs of a developed culture date back to 3400 BC. The history of pre-Inca Equador is vague. In Bolivar Province, where Piedra Blanca and its ecotourism project is found, the dominant tribe was the Manteño Hauncavilca tribe. Various members of the local communities have ancient artefacts that tourists can ask to see (but do not ask to buy them please).

The Inca invasion of Equador began in the mid 1400's, and the Incas subsequently dominated the country until the colonial era of the Spanish conquistadores. The colony of Ecuador remained largely peaceful until independence was finally achieved by Simon Bolivar on 9 October 1820. Two years later, Ecuador was entirely liberated from Spanish rule at the battle of Pichincha.

History of equador provided by Piedra Blanca Ecotourism Project

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