Galapogos Islands Tours and Cruises

The Galapogos Islands are unique. With stunning scenery, breathtaking beaches, seemingly fearless wildlife, and luxury cruises available, it is not surprising that these beautiful islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of South America. Finding a reliable tour operator for Galapogas Islands cruises is crucial.

It is hard to find a cheap trip to the Galapogas Islands in Ecuador. Most diving travel agencies will usually offer an all inclusive holiday package including cruises, tours, flights and accommodation, and it rarely comes cheap when visiting the Galapogas.

A tour to the Galapagos Islands conjures up many images: cruises along the coast, warm sun, empty beaches, stunning wildlife and romantic nights aboard the cruise ship. Hopefully, your ideal tour will be a very varied vacation. Perhaps it will be based upon a yacht trip, or a cheap cruise, a diving expedition or wildlife and whale watching tours.

You need to travel to the islands first. Flights are easily accessible to the Gallapagos Islands and tour operators and travel agencies in Quito can help find cheap flights, in addition to arranging cruises, diving tours, luxury hotels and tailor made vacations you will remember for years to come.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

But the real attraction of the Galapogos Islands is not the luxury hotels, wonderful weather, empty volcanic beaches, wildlife, cruises and scenery of Ecuador. (Note: mainland Ecuador is a great place to visit, and should be included in all tailor made tours that might include the Galapagos). Your travel agency may suggest the you visit mainland Ecquador before you go to the Galpagos Islands, or even go to the Galapagos Islands first and then visit Ecuador - both options are equally good choices for your vacation, but remember you need to acclimatize!. Combining the Galapagose Islands with a tour to Machu Piccu is also increasingly popular. It has even been suggested that you can take cruise from mainland Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands, here at Piedra Blanca we might even organize such a trip (see the rafting page). What a vacation! (apologies if getting a cheap flight to the Galapogas Islands from the UK or England – I should say ‘holiday’). Anyhow, holiday or vacation, take your pick. When you are in the Galapagos Islands you won’t care! It’s all about whose got the best yacht, cheapest hotel and diving deal from a travel agency. Whether you opt for the luxury or budget option, Galapagos Islands tours will live long in the memory.

So what about the weather in this part of Ecuador? This might be an important part of your vacation in the Galapogas Islands, and your tour operator cannot predict the weather! Sailing may be good, like the diving, if it is good weather. Discounts may be offered if the cruise trip is delayed, like the yachts, due to bad weather. However, the cheap vacation deals that many travel agency or travel organisation may offer to the Gallapagos Islands may not be offering a discount for the hotel or flights. Cheap flights to the Galapogos, like cheap hotels, come at a price. Besides, if you’ve hired a cheap yacht in the Galapagos Islands you won’t want it to be bad weather in Ecuador! That way you won’t see any wildlife like the tortoise, turtles, penguin or shark. Many visitors come to study the biomes in the Galapogas Islands. So the Galapagos Islands and the tours available offer a huge advantage for travellers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Celebrity cruises are by far the favourite attraction in the Galapagos Islands – and won’t necessarily scare off the wildlife (though they won’t appear at your hotel when you step off the flight!!) Instead, I suggest that in order to see and take photos of penguins, sharks, tortoises and turtles in the Galapagos Islands you get off your lazy ass and go scuba diving! Why not try diving off your yacht or cruise trip boat? That is what a vacation in Ecuador – sorry, holiday – is all about! The Galapagose Islands has it all. You won’t be disappointed. Vacation after vacation – sorry, holiday after holiday – people have come back from their travels (some on organised tours, others on group tours or tailor-made holidays) and said how much they enjoyed the Galapagos Islands. Photograph the wildlife on your tours - take those Galapagos holiday memories home with you! Dreams come true in the Galapogos Islands.

Galapagos Islands Cruises .... or Adventure Tours at Piedra Blanca ???