Equador Hotels

Equador has some exceptionally high quality hotels that can be booked online. By booking the Equador hotels online you typically save about 25% compared to going to a travel agent or to the hotel directly. You are also protected by IATA rules. Book hotels in Equador online and save. Here follows a list of the top hotels in Equador - all of these can be booked online:

Hotels in Quito, Equador:

JW Marriott Quito: from $129 online
Radison Royal Quito Hotel: from $86 online
Hilton Colon Quito: from $85 online (the Hilten is 5 star)
Four Points by Sheraton Quito: from $87 online
Eugenia Hotel Quito: from $53 online
Cafe Cultura
Howard Johnson Quito (The Howard Jonson is an excellent choice)
Patio andaluz hotel Quito - located in the old town
Puertolage Country Inn Quito, Equador
Hotel Akros Quito
Los Alpes Quito, Equador
Mansion Real
Dann Carlton Quito, Ecuador
Barnard Hotel
Casino Chalet Suisse Quito
Hotel Rio Amazonas Internacional Quito
Hotel American Suites Quito, Ecuador
Casa Aliosa - lovely boutique hotel in Equador
Best Western Plaza Hotel Quito
Republica Hotel Queito
Mansion Del Angel Quito, Equador
Hotel Plaza Grande Quito
Hotel San Sebastian Quito - the San Sebastien is well located
Rio Amazonas Hotel
Swissotel Quito - the Swisshotel is probably the best hotel in Quito
La Mirage - Garden Hotel And Spa located outside of Quito

Hotels in Guayaquil, Equador:

Howard Johnson Guayaquil: book online from $100
Grand Hotel Guayaquil: book online from $85
Hampton Inn Guayaquil: online from $75
Hilton Colon Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ramada Hotel guayaqil
Unipark Hotel guayaquill
Continental Hotel guyaquil
Four Points by Sheraton Guayaquil
Bw Doral guyaquil

Hotel Oro Verde guayaqul, Equador

Other hotels in Equador:

Finch Bay in the Galapagos Islands.
Royal Palm Hotel Galapogos Islands
Best Western South City Plaza Hotel
Hotel Rest Mer Cuenca
Oro Verde Cuenca Hotel, Ecaudor
Mansion Alcazar Cuenca

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