Teaching English in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca:

Teach English in Ecuador


The ecotourism project needs volunteer English teachers to teach English, and other subjects, to school-children, local guides and other members of the community involved with service provision for the eco-project. The school has one permanent teacher and some 20 children aged from 5 to 12. There are dozens of other schools in nearby rural villages that would also be delighted to receive your help.

No experience is necessary, but volunteers should be 20+ years old and speak conversational Spanish to at least a basic level. Very few people in this part of Ecuador speak any English at all - this is something the community wants your help to change.

As an English teacher you will stay in your own personal room with a friendly local family, and be required to pay $10 per day to cover food and lodging ($3 of which is a contribution for conservation projects). The minimum length of stay is two weeks, though we would prefer for volunteers to stay much longer than this. Your stay will be organised by CRACYP, a local NGO that has been working with volunteers in Ecuador for many years. Please email volunteer@piedrablanca.org if you have any further questions.

Piedra Blanca, Ecuador - Teach English in the village

Above - the village: the school is in the centre, the village shop to the right, the old school (before it was converted to the ecolodge) is to the left. Click to enlarge, or come and see the real thing...

Teach English in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca