Ecuador Photos & Pictures

Here is our Ecuador photo gallery. These photos are from various popular travel destinations throughout Ecuador - they are not taken in Piedra Blanca. Click to enlarge any of the pictures:

Mindo Tours, Ecuador: popular for birdwatching and rainforest tours
Mindo tours: popular for birdwatching

Ecuador people: a fiesta
The people of Ecuador at a fiesta, which soon afterwards descended into a brawl between different villages!

People of rural Ecuador at a birthday party

A 6 year old's birthday party in rural Ecuador

Spanish lessons in Ecuador - learning spanish in Atahualpa

Spanish lessons in Ecuador at Atahualpa, near Quito

Picture of Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador - picture taken from a roof

Cotopaxi volcano tours in Ecuador

Tours to Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, not far from Quito

River cruise - not the Galapagos islands

Taking a tour in Esmeraldas Province in northern Ecuador, rather different from Galapagos Islands Cruises...

Ecuador rain forest and jungle tours

Some local tour guides of the future...

skinning a snake

Skinning a snake

Drying the snake skin

Drying the snake skin (Piedra Blanca)

Adventure tours in Ecuador - rafting, trekking and ecotourism: Get off the beaten track - see the real rural Ecuador at Piedra Blanca!

Ecuador Travel Photos - People of Ecuador