Pictures of the people of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands:

People of Ecuador

Here is our travel picture gallery of the people of Ecuador & Galapagos Islands. These pictures are taken in both Piedra Blanca, and other places in Ecuador. Click to enlarge any of these pictures of the people of Ecuador:

People of Ecuador love to party
The people of Ecuador at a fiesta. This photo is from a village not far from Quito.

There's more to ecuador than the Galapagos Islands

Some local tour guides of the future for Ecuador...

Women participate in a beauty contest in rural Ecuador

Local women in a beauty contest

Ecuador women dancing

People of Ecuador dancing

People visit a market in Ecuador

A market on Sunday - local people visit to buy and sell goods - take a tour here from Piedra Blanca

People of rural Ecuador at a birthday party

A child's birthday party in rural Ecuador

The people of Ecuador love fancy dress

Another fiesta in rural Ecuador

Tours in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca: cultural tours, trekking and rafting. Don't just take a Galapagos Islands cruise - see the real rural Ecuador! For a memorable holiday, visit the Piedra Blanca Community Eco-Tourism Project

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