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Ecquador Travel Guide

Ecquador Travel - mainstream destinations:

Galapagos Islands - Understandably, the Galapagos Islands are the top destination in Ecquador. This pristine paradise has an emphasis on wildlife tours and truely outstanding beaches. A galapagos cruise organized by a respected tour operator is essential for every visitor. A truely special and memorable holiday destination.

Quito - Most tourists who get a cheap flight to Ecquador find themselves in the Capital City of Quito. This colonial city, which is beautiful in parts, has a great climate and is a good place to acclimatize at the start of a vacation. Book a luxury hotel in Quito. Most tourists visit one of the many museums, and many tourists learn spanish in one of the many Spanish schools, whilst staying in one of the cities hotels.. Cultural tours in the old city, visiting old cathedrals and seeing the colonial architecture, is a good way to spend a day or two. Day trips can easily be organized to Mitad del Mundo and Papallacta. A popular trip is to the Cotopaxi volcano tour, where tourists can visit the glacier, hike to the top of the volcano, or go on a mountain biking tour. Mindo is another popular travel destination not far from Quito - it is popular for birdwatching tours and rainforest tours and jungle hotels.

Oriente/ Amazonia - Vaste swathes of virgin Amazon rainforest, at risk of deforestation in many parts, in the eastern part of Ecquador. Ecotourism is popular - many tourists stay in ecolodges and go on rainforest tours. Adventure tours, hiking, trekking and kayaking are popular activities in the jungle. Various tour operators can be found to organize luxury tailor made tours to the Amazon rainforest.
Otavalo - Travel to the famous indigenous markets with beautiful hiking tours nearby.
Banos Tours - Famous hot springs and backpacker travel honeypot of Ecquador.
Guayaquil - the big city of Ecquador, you'll love it or hate it. A good base from which to organize a luxury tailor made Galapagos Islands cruise. Whale watching tours can also to arranged.
Tena (Amazonia) - Whitewater rafting and rainforest tour hotspot in the Amazon. Also popular for birdwatching tours.
Montanita Travel - Ecuador's surfing hotspot on the coast.
Salinas Travel - Ecuador's big beach resort on the coast.
Cuenca - A beautiful colonial city with much history to see. Most tailor made tours to Ecquador include a visit to this wonderful colonial city.

For a more extensive Ecuador & Galapagos Islands travel guide, we recommend the Lonely Planet webpage on Ecuador.

Piedra Blanca, Ecuador

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