Ecotravel in Ecuador - getting to Piedra Blanca in Bolivar Province:

Getting to Piedra Blanca:

You should take a bus to San Luis de Pambil (population approx. 1000) in Bolivar Province, from where it is a further 40 minutes to Piedra Blanca (about 5km). San Luis de Pambil has a hotel (called El Pambileno) if you wish to split up your journey there.

Ecuador - off the beaten track....

Please advise us in advance of your arrival, so that we can arrange for someone to meet you in San Luis de Pambil's plaza - we will arrange horses or a private vehicle from San Luis de Pambil to Piedra Blanca for you. You can phone us in advance.

To get to San Luis de Pambil:

From Quito: direct buses (approx 6 hours) – Transportes Macuchi departs daily at 8.30am, departing from the Southern Terminal Terreste in Quito.

From Guayaquil: direct buses (approx 3 hours) – Transportes Caluma departs at 2pm from Terminal Terreste.

From Guaranda: direct buses (approx. 6 hours) - Transportes Flota Bolivar has buses that depart at 7.15 am and at 2.15pm, or Transportes San Pedrito has buses at 8am, 9.45am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

N.B. Whichever bus, stay on it until it terminates – the last stop is the plaza at San Luis de Pambil.

From anywhere else, or if not taking a direct bus, travel by bus to Zapotal (40 minutes south of Quevedo, or 20 minutes North of Ventanas) where you can wait on the corner for regular buses to San Luis de Pambil (last bus at 6pm). If travelling this way, we recommend you take a Transportes Ecuador bus to Zapotal - their staff on the buses are always helpful and will tell you when to get off (ask to get off at Zapotal). Ffrom Quito Transportes Ecuador buses depart from the street named Juan Leon Mera in the Mariscal Sucre area, whilst from Guayaquil Transportes Ecuador buses depart from their depot next to the airport. They're fast, spacious buses that leave Quito and Guayaquil about every hour. If travelling from Guayaquil, it's easy to catch a bus to Zapotal with various other companies - buses depart from Guayaquil and pass Zapotal about every 15 minutes. Some of the other companies you could try that leave from the main Terminal Terreste in Guayaquil include Zaracay (window 43), Flor de Los Rios (window 35) or Trans Esmeraldas (window 39).

Zapotal - wait here for regular buses to San Luis de Pambil
Click to enlarge the image above. This photo is of Zapotal, a small roadside settlement on the main road between Quito and Guayaquil. Get off the bus and wait on the corner here. Remind the bus driver that you want to be dropped in Zapotal. From Zapotal, there's a bus at least every hour to San Luis de Pambil (some are open air chivas, others normal buses) - the scenic journey takes just over one hour. If you take a direct bus (see above), you won't need to change here of course - direct buses are a simpler option.

The Hiking Alternative:

Trekking to Piedra Blanca from Salinas (Bolivar Province) – its a beautiful full days walk from the páramo in Salinas (4000m+ alt) down to the tropical Piedra Blanca (500m alt). Leave at dawn. Ask at the community tourism office in Salinas for a guide [click here for more info on Salinas].

See the interactive map - (Piedra Blanca is slightly south of San Luis de Pambil, in the north-western corner of this map)