Budget travel and cheap prices at Piedra Blanca in Ecuador:



Standard 3 night package - $80 per person - includes transfers to and from the plaza in San Luis de Pambil (where the bus will drop you off), 3 nights accommodation in ecolodge and all your meals (normally 3 meals a day).

Extra Nights - add $20 per extra night you wish to stay, so a 4 night package costs $100 per person, 5 nights is $120 per person etc.

Fleeting Visit 2 night package - If you're short on time, a two night package costs $60 per person.

Camping - if you're travelling on a really tight budget, camping costs $3 per person per night. In addition, you'll have to pay a $3 entrance fee if you wish to visit the rainforest.

Staying in San Luis de Pambil - an alternative option to visit the area, which works out cheapest, is to stay in the nearby town of San Luis de Pambil. El Pambileno hotel (which is San Luis's only hotel), is on the plaza, it offers basic but clean rooms with en suite bathrooms for approximately $6 per person per night. There's a handful of simple restaurants in the town - a meal generally costs no more than a couple of dollars.

Family homestays can also be arranged both in Piedra Blanca and on farms elsewhere in the region - call to ask.

Local Guides

There's scope for either simply relaxing and appreciating the valley of Piedra Blanca on your own, but we really do recommend arranging a local guide to show you around. There's a lot of excursions that can be arranged. Fully trained local guides can show you around the region - costs are typically $30 per day, though for large groups this will increase.

Rafting trips (add-ons)

You can organise rafting trips as add-ons. Prices for rafting tours are approximately $60 per person per day, all inclusive. Prices are dependent upon group size. See the rafting itineraries page for more info.

For smaller groups, rafting tours can be tailor-made - phone to ask - 03 2656 216. Alternatively longer excursiones can be tailor-made - it's an adventurous five days travel to Guayaquil [click for more rafting info].


All money spent by visitors remains in the local community. For every service provided for visitors, a percentage of the profit is destined for a community fund that is managed by the local community for local health, educational and sustainable development purposes. Travel responsibly in Ecuador - visit Piedra Blanca!

Budget prices - discount travel at Piedra Blanca, Bolivar, Ecuador.

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