Responsible tourism in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca:

Responsible Tourism Guidelines

Our environment is fragile, to help us maintain it please be responsible:

  • Refrain from taking anything from the forest, flora or fauna.
  • Respect the local environment – do not damage it.
  • Do not litter in Piedra Blanca.
  • You can only visit the forest with one of our qualified guides.
  • The maximum tour group size is 30 people. We do not desire large groups of tourists; it is not sustainable for the environment. If a tour group of more than 30 people arrives, each tourist is obliged to pay an entrance fee of $5.

Further responsible tourism guidelines:

  • Take only photos, leave only footprints.
  • Stick to the designated paths. Do not stray from these.
  • Do not intentionally disturb the local wildlife.
  • If camping for longer than two days, slightly adjust your tent position to prevent damage to vegetation.
  • Be culturally and socially sensitive.
  • Ask before taking photos of local people.
  • Do not give sweets to children – it encourages begging.
  • Buy local products - support the local economy.

Piedra Blanca Community Eco-tourism Project in Ecuador

Ecotourism definition - Environmental Assessment


Piedra Blanca Eco-tourism in Ecuador: Responsible Tourism Guidelines