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Website queries - contact - for tourist enquiries, please read on.

Do you want to know when to visit?

This website should contain all the information visitors need before visiting Piedra Blanca. If you have any specific questions or wish to notify us of your visit, please email us - allow a couple of days for a response: to email the ecotourism project administrators. to enquire about volunteer work.

Phone Us

Phone us on (00593) 8042 2046 to speak to Rosa Olivares, the local co-ordinator of the ecotourism project. If calling when already in Ecuador, you should dial 08 042 2046. An alternative contact phone number is (00593) 93044290 or (00593) 85879958, to speak to Raul Cabrera, who also works with the Piedra Blanca ecotourism project. Neither Rosa nor Raul speak English (only Spanish, though Raul speaks a little French) - if you wish to communicate with us in English, English speaking volunteers will reply to you if you email the address noted above.

If you are studying Piedra Blanca

We get a lot of emails from people asking for information about our Project as they want to study it for a school/college project. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to such emails asking for information as it is too time consuming and we receive too many of these emails. If you want to study our ecotourism project, you'll have to either visit, or call us for a chat on the phone. Sorry!

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Off the beaten track adventure ecotourism in rural Ecuador at Piedra Blanca