Adventure travel in Ecuador - eco-tours off the beaten track:

Adventure Travel in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca

It's adventure travel in this part of Ecuador - Piedra Blanca is off the beaten track. Tourism is slowly dispersing throughout Ecuador, and Piedra Blanca is leading the way in this part of tropical Bolivar Province. Whether you're absailing down steep jungle slopes, sampling the local firewater at local fiestas where you're the only foreigners, cruising down rivers in replica design ancient rafts or taking multi day hiking tours high into the Andes where some of the children have never seen a foreigner, your visit here will be a memorable adventure. The idea behind travel is to see the local way of life, and take those memories back with you from where you came. Think of your strongest memories from past travel experiences.... Why are they memorable? Because of the random nature of the adventure?

Absailing down a crevasse to bath in a waterfall pool - adventure tours are tailorade to suit your preferences

A local fiesta near Piedra Blanca - fiesta season in the zone is July & August.

Wind-powered adventure eco-rafting

Ecuador Adventure Travel at Piedra Blanca

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