Adventure Eco-tours in Ecuador at Piedra Blanca:

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Adventure Eco-tours


The community of Piedra Blanca consists of some 20 families scattered throughout a forested valley at the western foot of the Andes in Ecuador. In addition to relaxing in a hammock in our eco-lodge, there are a range of attractions for the adventurous tourist, both in Piedra Blanca and neighbouring communities. These private, tailor made tours are undertaken with a local guide and can be personalized as you wish.

Forest Eco-tours - there are a range of possible adventure tours to the virgin forest of Piedra Blanca, where you can admire waterfalls and relax in crystal clear lagoons. Visit the towering white cliffs after which Piedra Blanca (White Rock) takes its name. Night tours are also available – the rainforest comes alive at night. Some of the animals you might encounter include monkeys, wild boars, armadillos and ocelots, in addition to a range of birdlife including toucans and parrots [itineraries].

Rafting tours [video]– see the local way of life as you float down the Rio Zapotal in traditional wooden rafts. Drift through the warm tropical scenery, enjoy the unpolluted air of the countryside, try the local ‘firewater’ and spend a night under the stars. This raft design has been used for a thousand years, and was replicated by Thor Heyerdahl for his famous Kon-Tiki expedition. Here, it's eco adventure rafting with the emphasis on fun and relaxation. [more rafting info].

Visit Indigenous Villages - Various indigenous villages are nearby, such as Guagraurcu, which can easily be walked to from Piedra Blanca.

Horseback Riding Eco-tours – explore the beautiful countryside and scenic landscapes surrounding Piedra Blanca. This is the heart of Ecuador, where you can visit other rural indigenous villages, local markets, organic farms, waterfalls and lagoons, pre-Inca burial sites, Inca stone inscriptions and more [more info].

Aguadiente Farm Tours – huge quantities of aguardiente (firewater) are produced from sugar cane in this tropical part of Ecuador. See the full process, from liquid extraction to fermentation - and try drinking the final product if you dare! [more info]

Trekking - longer tours into the Andes can also be arranged – you might take the stunningly beautiful trek to Salinas (Bolivar Province) from 500m to over 4000m in altitude or trek along the traditional trade routes used since pre-Inca times. Just ask our guides [more trekking info].

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Eco-tours in Ecuador:

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Eco-tours at Piedra Blanca - off the beaten track adventure ecotourism in Ecuador.