Adventure travel in Ecuador: ecotourism and eco-tours at Piedra Blanca:

Adventure Ecotourism in Ecuador:

Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project

Last updated - 07 October 2011

"What an amazingly beautiful and intriguing place to visit - this is like no other place I've been in Ecuador. I'm so glad I took the detour." [Adam Edwardson, USA, visited April 2006].

"I've travelled all over South America, but the rafting trip I did with you guys is undoubtedly one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken. I will never, ever, forget it." [Chris Hardy, UK, visited July 2006].

"My visit to Piedra Blanca was brilliant. Living in Ecuador and having visited many other projects, I can see that your project is really unique and totally different from most of other the other tourist destinations in Ecuador. I'll never forget my visit - thank you so much for an amazing stay!" [Claudia Keller, Germany, visited January 2008]

Visitors to Ecuador typically seek some adventure type experience to the rainforest - places such as Ecuador's Amazon region and Mindo receive the majority of such travellers. These tourist hotspots are becoming increasingly commercialised, and the local way of life eroded by the sheer number of tourists, many of whom visit exactly the same places in Ecuador (aka the "Gringo Trail"). Adventurous travellers seeking a more genuine cultural experience combined with a rainforest tour package can head off the beaten track to the Piedra Blanca Community Ecotourism Project:

Piedra Blanca, Ecuador

For off the beaten track adventure eco-tours:

Piedra Blanca offers various adventure tours in rural Ecuador. Three night all inclusive packages cost $80 per person.
  • Virgin rainforest tours, night tours and animal watching.
  • Rafting in replica pre-Inca ancient rafts.
  • Breathtaking trekking and hiking opportunities in rural Ecuador.
  • Adventure tours - off the beaten track Ecuador.
  • Birdwatching tours and educational ecotourism.
  • Cultural tours and visits to ancient archaeological sites.
  • Horseback riding or hiking in Ecuador's beautiful countryside.
  • Family-run aguardiente ("firewater") plant eco-tours.
  • Shaman healing services.
  • Lodging in rustic ecolodge or camping in the pristine rainforest.
  • Visit rural indigenous villages.
  • Traditional Ecuadorian foods.
  • Fully qualified local guides.
  • No malaria pills necessary here (whereas in Ecuador's Amazon, Mindo & other rainforest areas you will need them).
  • Less than three hours from Guayaquil, seven hours from Quito, located in the central heartland of rural Ecuador.
  • Your visit helps our conservation projects - you make the difference.
Adventure rafting tours off the beaten track in Ecuador.
Above: a recent rafting expedition.

The area is virtually untouched by tourism, yet here the adventurous traveller can find an array of natural and cultural attractions. Whether you're trekking in pristine rainforest, rafting in ancient design rafts, or hiking Ecuador's traditional trade routes, your visit to Piedra Blanca will be memorable. Looking for something new, something different, a real adventure in Ecuador?

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